「 s o u f f l e ☆ r o b u r 」


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「 A B O U T 」

Name: souffle robur
Age: 21
Gender: nb
Pronouns: any
Height: 177

Race: human
Class: witch
House: sirius; burning ever brighter
Familiar: mousse

Personality: souffle is an aloof young adult with a penchant for mimosas. he's very restrained when it comes to people he doesn't know quite well, and even sometimes with people he does - mousse included. he just thinks being overly emotional is a bit... immature.
  • easily irritable; he doesn't like to be bothered when he's busy
  • independent; likes doing things by himself, though he has learned to deal with mousse's mothering (and would miss it dearly if she stopped)
  • dislikes conflict; thinks it's childish and is of the opinion that there's nothing one cannot resolve through polite conversation over brunch
  • unlike mousse, she is not easy to spook; she ate spiders as a child like an absolute gremlin and thinks nothing of bugs or other creepy crawlies as anything other than a nuisance


「 M A G I C」

souffle's magic involves brunch related dishes and drinks! There are two aspects to souffle's magic: creation & control.
  • creation: the ability to create any food and drink associated with brunch meals!
    • creation involves the breakdown and reconstruction of glucose into a variety of food / drink
    • she finds that [HONEY] is the easiest substance to use for these purposes

  • control: the ability to control any food and drink associated with brunch meals! souffle finds it easier to control liquids than solids, and sweets over savoury dishes.
brunch is pretty versatile so for the purposes of RP i'm going to limit it to foods and drinks listed here!


「 H I S T O R Y 」

souffle was born and raised in a small, two story farmhouse on the outskirts of a quiet, magical village, to two very loving parents. she was a bit of a rapscallion as a child, but quickly grew out of it when she was first sent off to the local school and actually had to interact with peers her own age. she'd never been the type to be self-conscious until she found she just... didn't quite fit in, and from then on she paid very special attention to her 'image' for fear of making a fool of herself and isolating herself from her peers. nowadays, it's just habit more than anything.
  • met mousse during her childhood 
  • her family is old-magic and has always attended st. spell
  • her family is well-off, they just think having a home in a secluded village in the middle of nowhere is neat!
Additional Info:
  • souffle much prefers light snacks throughout the day than large meals at once.
  • despite his ability and given name, souffle isn't very fond of sweets. he much prefers savory dishes over dessert.
  • she's actually quite self-conscious by her 'humble' background and doesn't speak much of it.
    • however, he is very fond of his family - albeit very embarrassed of his parent's tendency to be... overly warm and welcoming.